Slimming Center

Proven Techniques to Get Fit. And Stay Fit.

At KYP, weight management goes far beyond merely losing weight. We believe it is a condition of good physical and mental health, achieved and maintained by proper diet, exercise and lifestyle management. Programs are conducted by professional physiotherapists or personal trainers who provide the knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing a slimming routine tailored to your individual goals.

Simply measuring body weight is often not enough – weight is not the best indicator of overall body health. Our Body Composition Analyzer (BCA) helps you to understand the true correlation between weight and health by measuring total body composition.

It uses personalized health measurement and assessment tools to track all the components that together make up body weight including:

  • Lean mass which is the weight of muscle, bone, tissue and organs
  • Body fat which includes all the fat stored in the system
  • Hydration which is the amount of water in the body

Our Health Profiler helps distinguish the actual source of excess weight in your body. This prevents wrong assumptions and inaccurate diagnosis, and helps ensure that the treatments we design are exactly what your body needs.