Holistic Center

Holistic Health

The underlying principle of holistic health is that every system in the body is connected. For instance, what may appear to be a skin or hair concern could be related to nutritional issues.

That is why each service in KYP is first analyzed by a specialist beauty consultant or nutritionist to understand every individual's specific needs, including medical conditions, and determine whether it calls for a single sitting or an entire course. Our world-class team of cosmetologists and nutritionists offer complimentary consultation services with every program.

At KYP, we address both diet– the choices you make about what foods to eat– as well as nutrition – the quality and quantity of food energy in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. We understand that diet and nutrition together play a vital role in determining the quality of life, health and longevity. Our nutritionists design individualized and well-balanced diets that include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein. In older adults, a proper diet goes a long way in not only providing essential nutrition but also increasing mental function, improving resistance and energy, speeding up recovery from illness and preventing disease.

Physical Activity, Diet and Nutrition

  • Body Enhance
  • Body Maintenance
  • Therapeutic Diet
The various types of diets offered by KYP include:
  • Eat Clean Diet
  • Mood Enhancer Diet
  • Active Energy Diet
  • Diabetic Management Diet
  • DASH Diet
  • Gluten Free Diet
  • PCOD Management Diet
  • Thyroid Management Diet
  • Lipid Ratio Balance Diet
  • Skin Balance Diet
  • Fit 4 Life Diet Plan
  • ZONE Diet
  • Weight Control Diet
  • Weight Gain Diet