Holistic Center

Holistic Health

The underlying principle of holistic health is that every system in the body is connected. For instance, what may appear to be a skin or hair concern could be related to nutritional issues.

That is why each service in KYP is first analyzed by a specialist beauty consultant or nutritionist to understand every individual's specific needs, including medical conditions, and determine whether it calls for a single sitting or an entire course. Our world-class team of cosmetologists and nutritionists offer complimentary consultation services with every program.

KYP's physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) therapies enhance and restore the body functions and quality of life among those with physical conditions. Our treatments can be used to treat physical issues associated with the brain and nervous system, bones and joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Our physicians evaluate and treat injuries, illnesses and disabilities by designing individual treatment plans, using sophisticated and proven treatments to ensure a speedy recovery.

Equipped with the most advanced electrotherapy and exercise therapeutic modalities, KYP's primary focus is to restore function and improve the patient's quality of life, through caring, skillful and personalized application of exemplary physiotherapy services for patients of all ages.

At KYP, we strive to provide injury management for all patients seeking quick and effective assistance to restore their normal activities. Special attention is paid to ensure complete recovery and prevention of recurrence to keep patients at peak performance, enabling them to once again enjoy life to the fullest. We also employ highly professional, qualified personnel for various administrative functions, as well as physical therapists from accredited universities holding DHA licenses.

KYP can help you effectively manage:
  • Back, Hip Pain (Sciatica And Disc Prolapse)
  • Neck Pain (Cervicalgia And Disc Prolapse)
  • Shoulder, Arm And Wrist Pain
  • Headaches (Tension And Migraine)
  • Knee, Foot And Ankle Pain
KYP emphasizes health education and programs on counseling and preventative medicine such as:
  • Disseminating information on various medical conditions
  • Providing alternative medicine information
  • Conducting psychological counseling
  • Performing wellness check-ups