I know you might have heard this lot of times and in fact most of your searches online for better solutions almost always ended up in the same kind of articles published again and again. I totally understand, that despite the huge number of diet plans you follow, you almost as always end up plump as ever. Or if sometimes, you do have some significant weight loss, a change in meal gets you back at square one. So, what’s the catch exactly?

What most of you forget is weight loss needs to be gradual and steady paced.  Trust me, when I say, a steady and gradual weight loss, and a balanced diet chart, can actually fix up your weight gains and give you a better body figure overtime. Listed below are a few tips you should definitely follow to inch down that excessive fat in your body.

1) Lighter meals for a lighter you!

Yes indeed! Instead of stocking up yourself in those three meals, try to have smaller meals, preferably 5-6 spanning throughout the day. A lighter meal will keep your digestion issues at bay, and most of all, your stomach will feel lighter too. Also, a lighter meal helps burn those calories quicker, enabling you to focus on decreasing your existing fat instead of accumulating more.


2) Avoid evening meals

Prefer eating a smaller snack or two after 8 pm onwards. When I say snack, I don’t mean any fries or chips. I actually mean fruits. Eating fruits will help kill the hunger and also not contribute to any excess fat. The basic reason why I tell you to avoid eating evening meals is that, the body tends to take rest in the evening, closing towards night, as you know. Hence, calorie burn is slowed down compared to the day time activities. 


3) Exercise a whole lot

I know that the word exercise is stirring up the lazy in you. Trust me, once you get addicted towards getting fit through exercise, you sure won’t give up one day of your fitness regime. Also, a full- fledged 30 min walk is going to burn up calories and what more, help you distress a lot! So, eat whatever you want, and exercise twice the amount. You can see those changes in you!


4) Drink a lot of water

This grandma tale is sure one hell of a strategy to facilitate excellent weight loss. Whenever you find yourself craving for food, simply grab a bottle of water and drink it out. It flushes out all of the body wastes and keeps you lighter and full. Try this, won’t you?


5) Keep stress at bay

Most often times, people who take a lot of stress find themselves getting plump than ever. Keep those stressful moments at a hand’s distance from you and divert your mind to something more free and easy. This sure is going to help you out for a slimmer and a healthier you!