Tired of ending up like a kawaii potato for every special occasion in your life? Thinking of ways to get through those nasty frizz drills? Well, this post is definitely the one for you. Notch up your beauty using these simple hacks and flaunt the diva in you.


1) Wet nail paints! Oh so cumbersome!

Wet nail paints can take a lot of time to dry and when you are in a hurry, you are definitely going to end up painting your face with them. Here is what you can do. Take a bowl of cold water and dip your nails in it. Don’t worry! Nothing much is going to happen. It is just that your nails will dry faster! Cool, isn’t it?


2) Grease and oil? Not definitely for your busy hair days!

Greasy and oily hair can give quite a bizarre look, especially when you are planning for an evening out. Dry shampoos can come to the rescue when you are in no mood for washing your hair. But, just in case, you don’t get hold of a dry shampoo, make sure to get hold of a talcum powder instead. A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there, and lo! You are ready!


3) Beach waves? Not a problem!

If you are planning to have a nice full set of beach waves in your hair, and you are falling short of a curling iron, do one simple thing. Braid your hair tightly and go to sleep. When you get up, simply have a spray and scrunch it nicely to get that extra awesome beach waves in a jiffy.


4) Hair dos don’t last long!

Well, if you are ironing them, have a cardboard and some bobby pins at hand. Just keep the hair in place until it cools down. This should keep your hair straight for a longer duration of time. Similarly, when you are curling your hair, just curl it up and keep it in that manner until it cools down. This should definitely work wonders.


5) Lipstick issues onboard? Haul them over!

If you are not sure how to apply a lipstick with perfection, have the outlines done before you go in for filling. If possible, take a tissue and dab it on your lips for that extra matte finish. Also, you can put some powder over the tissue. This keeps the color for long and your lips lump and slump! 


6) The line of the eyeliner.

The thing is most of the eyeliners get dried up too easily. For this you can heat the tip of the eye pencil a little and apply it so easily like you do for eyeliner. Also, make sure to have a white pencil highlight your eyeliner to emerge out as the best fashion stylist amongst your friends.

Beauty hacks are indeed an integral part of one’s life and given that most often times, one doesn’t have access to the various beauty products in the market, one can almost always feel good that these beauty hacks are always available to your rescue.