About Us

Know Your Persona (KYP) is just the place where you can achieve – and maintain – your most beautiful inner and outer persona.

Success in today's competitive world depends a lot on looking your best. Whether you are a professional or a homemaker, it is how you portray yourself that determines your persona, the kind of person you are perceived to be. Especially for a woman, looking good and feeling awesome lends a certain confidence to one's personality. It is a reflection of yourself, giving an unspoken sign to the outside world how they should interact with you. Looking great and being in good health is a task you need to work at routinely. Conveniently located in Al Qusais, KYP is a women-only center offering services in health, slimming and beauty. Offering the finest in equipment and advanced treatments, KYP goes the extra mile to ensure that you look and feel your best. Visit us to discover your true inner persona.

Working towards our own beautiful self is a very private exercise. Therefore, KYP creates a comforting and a personalized environment, to make clients feel at ease and pursue their personal care routine.

KYP health, slimming and beauty programs are spot on – effective and impactful. They are designed to provide holistic experiences, and focus on urban professionals and women who lack the time to give themselves the caring and pampering they deserve.

Young mothers, professionals or women with weight management issues, all those who seek the right place for wholeness and maintenance can now stop looking. KYP addresses their need and help them achieve their desires.

Some of the unique features of KYP that set us apart include:

  • Beautiful locale set amidst the heart of the commercial zone at the junction of Deira, Qusais, Mamzar in Dubai and entry border of Sharjah
  • Exemplary approach to lifelong health and fitness as opposed to short-sighted gimmicks such as crash diets, make-up and spa packages
  • Specially designed to provide personalized attention to clients who are wary of large health clubs
  • Consideration for individual medical, dietary and lifestyle aspects beyond superficial treatments
    Flexibility to adapt to modern professional women's needs, active lifestyle and time constraints
    Development of tailor-made programs in consultation with clients' family physician